McCaffrey’s Musings: Mood Music

Sometimes I’ll be hanging with a girl and we’ll just be having a good time enjoying each other’s company. So the mood is kind of like this:

Then things start going really well and the mood is kind of like this:

Then it heats up even more & it’s like:

Then she gets hers, which is exciting, so it’s like:

… but then after she gets hers, it’s kind of like:

and I’m like “come onnnn, stay with me here, let’s stay focused”. She’ll be like “okay, okay” … and then it’s like:

and she’s LITERALLY laughing, … because she farted … yeah – I know, and I’m like “seriously? could you please …?” and I start to lose my patience so then it’s like:

and then we get back on track and finish the mission, so we’re both like:

Then we cuddle, and I wait for her to fall asleep, then I cry for 10 minutes.

Does that ever happen for you guys?

Joe McCaffrey (Ask Joe)

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