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2014 Bro Draft (#DILBs): Round 1

Spring has arrived.


If I could’ve afforded it we would’ve done it on a big stage like this.

The NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB drafts are around the corner.


But we can’t even afford to do it in the WNBA studios. No offense, WNBA.

I decided to conduct a draft of my own.


I’m operating on more of a current-day XFL budget.

Now, I know complaining, sarcasm, snarkiness, and being a dick to other people is usually what “sells” on the internet, but I wanted to see if we could have fun while talking about how much we like the idea of certain people.

Everyone knows MILFs (Moms I’d Like to F*ck). Those are great, but well documented and appreciated. We’re here to give praise to high quality dudes out there in the Milky Way Galaxy. This is where we select dudes that we’d like to be bros with, or DILBs (Dudes I’d Like to Bro). There are 10 rounds in this draft, with me and my 9 friends all getting 10 picks each. I’m only posting the first round in this article.

Here’s The Draft Order:

1) Steven Fleihr

2) Tadius Maximus

3) Rezzer Ramon

4) Patrick Jameson

5) Greg Johns

6) Kevin McCaffrey

7) Tom Tracy

8) Shane Falco

9) Seph McCaffrey

10) Jeff Wilmot

2014 Bro Draft

Round 1

With the first pick in the draft, my buddy Steven Fleihr selected Continue reading

The Ramblings of a Madmanchild: My WrestleMania 30


My WrestleMania Card ( #IfJoeMcCaffreyWroteForWWE )


My WrestleMania Card: (4 hrs 30 mins -> Pre-show and 4 hr PPV)

This is essentially the ramblings of a madmanchild that devolves very quickly into pro wrestling fanfiction, but I’m going to WrestleMania for the first time ever this year and this is is a card that would really send me home happy.

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Ask Joe: Should You Date A Coworker?

“Should you date a coworker?”


A buddy of mine recently had a dilemma. He was into a girl that he worked with, and kind of wanted to pursue her, but thought it might not work out long-term so he wasn’t sure if it was worth the risk. I decided that I could selfishly use his dilemma as inspiration for another article. That way, while helping him fix his problem I could generate some web hits making us all winners in the end.

Seriously, though. I know this is a quandary that many people find themselves facing at one point or another in their careers. Let’s try and build some consensus by asking my correspondents Continue reading

Ask Joe: Does A Guy’s Height Matter?

I’m baaack.

Ask Joe Logo

With more questions. Well, just one this week. Now let’s get to fixing the world’s problems and answering the world’s questions.

The question I tackle is: Does a guy’s height matter? Why?

I find this to be an interesting topic because in modern times in 1st world countries, men rarely need to physically to defend their mates, but I still hear women talking about having height requirements for men.


I’ll try to divide these answers conveniently into women who say it does matter, and those who say it doesn’t. I’ll separate them the way Moses separated all that H2O 20130612-085205.jpgwhen he parted the

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